The WaterGardener
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delaware valley pond maintenance with professional service

The WaterGardener specializes in pond maintenance, pond service and koi fish care for Delaware Valley homeowners. We provide professional pond service on any issue you could have with your pond, from mechanical to water quality to fish health.


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Your pond and water garden are living eco-systems. They require maintenance, service, balancing and attention in order to thrive and grow properly. The WaterGardener is one of the Delaware Valley's most experienced and best pond maintenance and pond service providers! We've solved and repaired just about any pond maintenance scenario you could imagine.

Once we have your pond or water garden "balanced" and stable, we offer on-going pond maintenance offered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule beginning at just $89 monthly! We also work with our pond owners on annual Spring Pond Cleanouts and Fall Pond Maintenance/Winterization. These is the major pond cleanout of the year as we gently awaken your pond and get it ready for a beautiful spring, summer and fall.

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