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The WaterGardener specializes in pond maintenance, pond service and koi fish care for Delaware Valley homeowners. Our signature Spring Pond Cleanout Service is performed every spring to gently wake your pond and water scapes to ready it for spring!

The goal of the spring pond cleanout is to provide a full-service, turnkey pond cleanout performed each March through June. We deploy all of our experience and knowledge to professionally clean and awaken your pond and water scapes to get it ready for spring, summer and fall. And our spring pond cleanout list of services is extensive!


  • Disconnect the plumbing and empty all lines of water.
  • Catch fish and transfer to small pool with water from the existing pond.
  • Drain the pond. We use efficient pumps to professionally drain and remove the water.
  • Remove debris. This can be a tough job if the debris is thickly covering the pond bed and rocks but we want your water scapes clean.
  • Wash the pond and rocks. We use a professional pressure washer to ensure that the pond and rocks are clean and free of any debris.
  • Rinse the pond. This is time consuming to do a thorough and professional job.
  • Clean the filters. We thoroughly drain the water from the pump and skimmer and remove all debris and sludge. This part is messy!
  • Refill the pond. Depending upon the size of your pond, this can take some time.
  • Dechlorinate the water. We introduce a natural dechlorinator into the water to remove chlorine and chloramines from the city water.
  • Acclimate the fish. This is the time in the cleanout when we re-introduce the fish back into their nice, clean pond.
  • Add beneficial bacteria. Since we have just cleaned most of the bacteria colonies out of the pond, we need to re-introduce an initial dosage of beneficial bacteria back into the pond.

We take care of every detail when cleaning your pond and water scapes. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy a clean pond when we are finished! Professional pond cleaning from The WaterGardener begins at $170 for a 1,000-gallon pond.

To schedule your spring pond cleanout and reserve the best times, please call The WaterGardener at 610-726-1778 or just fill out the form below. We look forward to providing a spring pond cleanout for your pond and water scapes!
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